Monday, January 24, 2011


Living overseas is amazing. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams - we really are. We've seen some amazing sights, grown as a couple, and throughly enjoyed living life in England.


There is a downside.

We miss out on things. I missed my best friend's wedding shortly after we got here. We weren't able to take part in moving Jery's mom into her new home. We missed the birth of Jery's younger brother. I missed another good friend's wedding this past weekend. I will miss the birth of my best friend's baby in a few months. It's not feasible to fly home to be at every special occasion, we can't jump on a plane and head west any time something happens.

Yes, yes - I knew we would miss things when we moved over here. I knew military life would be difficult at times. I married the love of my life and he happens to be an Airman. I wouldn't change it for the world, I will follow him wherever the Lord might take us without thinking twice about it. I only wish  it was easier to miss out on things. To miss the life that is happening back home, the things that must go on with us or without us.

Though life will continue to go on, today my heart is heavy with the memories we will miss out on. Probably the only downside to living overseas.

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Andrea said...

Yeah I missed the wedding of my best friend from high school by a month from moving here. I have also missed a couple babies being born as well. It is tough being so far away some times. Good thing is that military life isnt forever. This is something I have to remind myself regularly. *hugs*