Monday, January 24, 2011


Living overseas is amazing. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams - we really are. We've seen some amazing sights, grown as a couple, and throughly enjoyed living life in England.


There is a downside.

We miss out on things. I missed my best friend's wedding shortly after we got here. We weren't able to take part in moving Jery's mom into her new home. We missed the birth of Jery's younger brother. I missed another good friend's wedding this past weekend. I will miss the birth of my best friend's baby in a few months. It's not feasible to fly home to be at every special occasion, we can't jump on a plane and head west any time something happens.

Yes, yes - I knew we would miss things when we moved over here. I knew military life would be difficult at times. I married the love of my life and he happens to be an Airman. I wouldn't change it for the world, I will follow him wherever the Lord might take us without thinking twice about it. I only wish  it was easier to miss out on things. To miss the life that is happening back home, the things that must go on with us or without us.

Though life will continue to go on, today my heart is heavy with the memories we will miss out on. Probably the only downside to living overseas.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

here's to 2011.

I've never been a big "New Year's resolutions" kind of a gal - simply because I've never been really good at keeping them - but this year I'm gonna try something new. Goals. Things which are measurable, obtainable, and practical. Last year I said I wanted to buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it. On black Friday my sweet husband allowed me to spoil a Christmas gift and purchase one, but 2010 ended with my totally awesome sewing machine still in its box. This year I'm going to set goals, and I'm going to achieve them. period.

So here's to 2011 being an amazing year for the Huddleston's.

1. USE my sewing machine.

2. Send birthday/anniversary/thank you cards and gifts ON TIME.

3. Blog.

4. Get to goal. (I began a weight loss journey with Weight Watchers UK in July and have lost 30 pounds! I am 10 pounds from reaching my goal weight!!)

There they are folks, for everyone and anyone to see. Goals for 2011. On day 4 of 2011 I have blogged and sent one birthday card out on time! The Lord has amazing plans for our little family this year and I can't wait to watch Him lead us.

Friday, December 31, 2010

hello world.

It's been a long while.

Since I last blogged we've visited Warwick Castle for our first English castle experience,Wales for a four day camping trip, Colchester Zoo in honor of where Jery grew up, my sweet husband turned 25!, Dover Castle which was incredible, Paris for a three day trip of a life time, Great Yarmouth to see things we didn't see the firsts time, Jery successfully went TDY to Hungry,  followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving - along with the birth of Jery's baby brother, and Christmas for the second time in England! 

Add to that two full time jobs, and we keep ourselves plenty busy! Here's just a few pictures from each of those trips! In 2011 I plan to get back to blogging! Enjoy! 

Warwick Castle:

Mr. Huddleston at the entrance to the castle!

This is called "The Mound" and we were able to climb to the top! 

Me at the top of "The Mound"

The castle has a working trebuchet and they did a reenactment show which was pretty incredible! 

They have an amazing Birds of Prey show! 

Us sitting down to watch the Birds of Prey show!


 Wales is as beautiful as everyone tells us it is. We spent a four day weekend camping, the boys went mountain biking - girls went shopping, we checked out a Welsh castle, and enjoyed a great friendship!

Welcome to Wales!

We watched Army Wives while the boys drove!.. check out the back of the car...

Mr. Vent getting camp set up! 

Mr. Hudd getting ready to go mountain biking! 

the beautiful beach town of Barmouth that we stumbled upon! 


We also learned that there is a different language spoken in Wales!

Climbing up to Conway Castle..

This is the first time we've been to castle ruins... 

Us on top of one of the Conway Castle towers. 


We went to a little convenient store and found these chips... 

Colchester Zoo:

Because of the Zoo's name we had to visit! It turned out to be a huge zoo with some very unique animals! 

He would talk back to you!! 

 Too funny!! 

Several times a day they allow you to feed the elephants!! 

Jery's Birthday:

Jery turned a quarter of a century this year! I am blessed to get to share my life with such a wonderful man, and was very thankful that he was home for his birthday!

His cake and presents! 

too excited to even get out of uniform! 

Our precious niece singing him happy birthday!

Blowing out the candles! Notice what Ash made him wear on his head! :)

Dover Castle:

We spend the day at Dover Castle with some of the best friends we could ask for! 

Here's Sharron and I at the castle entrance.

Just inside the gate, looking towards the inner part of the castle.

The girls! 

 My handsome husband and I over looking the English Channel

They didn't allow you to take pictures inside the tunnels, but it was an awesome experience. The majority of the tunnels are still set up as they were when they were in use. A full hospital, barracks, offices, control rooms, and a bathroom with a window. I couldn't imagine living inside the tunnels for months on end. 

 The Gomez' being silly! 


 We went to Paris this summer to celebrate our friend Sharron's birthday! 

Here's Jery and I on the ferry as we leave Dover! 

Driving to our hotel - resemble anything?

The tour took us out for a proper French dinner! Here are our husbands being good sports of our need to take pictures!

 Sharron and I!! 

The entertainment was perfect!! He pulled Sharron and I out of our seats to do the chicken dance! 

The Louvre! 

The back side of Notre Dame from our boat cruise!

Arce de Triomphe.. incredible. Also a very serious round-a-bout. 

 The Eiffel Tower!!!!!!! We truly are blessed! 

Us at the very very tip top! It was HOT in Paris this summer.. can you tell?

Once an hour the big lights go off and it does a beautiful light show! 

Look closely to the bottom left of this picture.. 
Great Yarmouth: 

Just a little beach town not far from home.. Coney Island on one side, Vegas strip on the other.. 

Sharron and I at the shore. 

Jery skipping rocks..  

For some reason I let Jery convince me to get on this ride, it was the worst decision of my life. I've never been so scared! 

Sharron and Chris on the ride!  

Jery's shop had a halloween party and they all decided to dress up as characters from Alice and Wonderland. I didn't expect to be able to go so I didn't get a costume.. 

Jery was the cat.. hilarious!

The group of them..  


The boys showing their excitement that it's Thanksgiving.. 

our pups! 

Brad and Jery working hard to fry that turkey! 

best of friends! 

The girls! 

Turkey #1!

 We've started a new tradition for Christmas Eve.. homemade pizzas! Christmas morning we have continued my family's tradition of eggs benedict, and Christmas evening we spent celebrating at Chris and Sharron's! 

Sharron and I making pizzas!

Jery's present didn't make it in time for Christmas so he got to open a picture! 

Mr. Vent in his new jersey! 

Merry Christmas princess! 

happy happy girl!

Ash opening her present on Christmas morning! 

Uncle Jery helping Aaron!

My sweet sweet husband took wrapping my gifts very seriously! 

Opening gifts from each other!

I've been wanting this bracelet for a while and I got it for Christmas, it has the flags from all the countries we've visited! Only 11 more till it's full!!!! 

My mother-in-law made me these awesome cloth bags!!! I can't wait to use them all!!!!

Whew! That was a quick update to get caught up with the Huddleston's! For anyone who actually made it through all those pictures, I'm impressed!! We look forward to traveling more in 2011, and I am going to get back to blogging!! Happy New Year everyone!